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  Product catalog - Roll Headers 
Cardan Shafts
Cardan joint
Clutch with shear bolt
Overrunning clutch
Friction clutch
Sheet metal cutting
KN-5 mounted mower
KPN-5 mower-conditioner
Grain headers
RSM-100.70 Herb Harvester
RSM-1401.70 Herbal cutter
ZHU-6 grain harvester
ZHU-7 grain header
Harvester ZhVN-6 and ZhVP-4.9
ZK 3.4-Corn Headers
Spare parts for agricultural machinery
  OJSC Aksaykarddetal offers for sale reapers: ZhVN-6 (roller mounted, frontal) and ZhVP-4.9 (roller trailed). The system of cutting "Schumacher", Germany.


  Width of capture is 5.8 m. It is intended for mowing of cereals, grains and cereals with a separate method cleaning with laying bevelled mass in a single roll. It is used in all soil-climatic zones. The harvester can be used as a cutter, a mowing machine and for laying double rolls, for which a side shield is provided on the left side wall.
  It is aggregated with combines SK-5M "Niva", "Niva Effect", "Yenisei-1200" (release before 01.01.2003), SKD-5 "Sibiryak" directly to the inclined chamber of the combine without causing dismantling of the main components.

  Width of capture is 4.9 m. It is intended for mowing of cereal grains and cereals with laying of mown mass in a single counter-flow roll. It is used in all soil and climatic zones where a separate method of cleaning is used.
  It is aggregated with wheel tractors of a class
1,4 ... 2,0 т.с. (JMZ-6, MTZ-50, MTZ-80, MTZ-82 etc.)
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