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  Plant history

  On December 17, 1955, by the decision of the government, on the basis of a car repair plant, a specialized plant for the production of hinges for cardan gears for agricultural machines was organized, which was called the Aksaykardandetal plant. This day is officially the birthday of the plant.

  Already on April 1, 1956, the first batch of KSh-160 hinges was released. From 1957 to 1964, a complex of construction and installation works was carried out according to the first plan for the reconstruction of the plant to create a specialized production of hinges for cardan gears. In this large and extremely responsible work, the Rostselmash plant had a great help. On October 1, 1958, the million KS-160 hinge was manufactured. From October 1960 to May 1962, the first automatic line was installed and commissioned. In the period from May 1967 to December 1971 under the project "Giprokombaynproma" construction of the housing for the production of hinges KSh-400. The plant has established mass production of hinges.

  In 1978-1979, 10 automatic lines manufactured by HELLER (Germany) for the mechanical processing of forks and crosses of KS-160 hinges with a capacity of 2.3 million units were commissioned. In 1985, the mechanical assembly unit for the production of KS-50, KS-630, KS-100 hinges was put into operation with a production capacity of 800 thousand pieces of hinges. In the period 1989-1990, a plastics workshop with a capacity of 2,000 tons of processing per year was commissioned to produce 500,000 protective covers for cardan shafts of all sizes.

  For a short period of existence, the specialized plant “Aksaykarddetal” became one of the leading enterprises in the industry in terms of technical equipment. Products of Aksai agricultural machinery builders were supplied to 13 countries of the world. The supply network within the country was even wider: 116 factories, 135 bases of the Agricultural Machinery system.

  For a stable production of high-quality products, the plant was twice awarded an honorary diploma of Gosstandart. Samples of products were demonstrated at the international agricultural machinery exhibitions. All products are awarded with diplomas. About 200 advanced employees of the company for high achievements in labor were awarded high government awards, including the Order of the Red Banner of Labor — 7 people, the Order of Friendship of Peoples — 4 people, the Order of the Badge of Honor — 13 people.

  Since November 1992, the enterprise was transformed into the open joint-stock company Aksaycarddetal.

  Since that time, four independent workshops have been formed with an additional number of 250 workplaces, including the production of grass harvesters for the Don-680 combine and the ZhKS 4.1 and ZhKS 5 harvesting units for the SK-5 combine harvester Niva ", as well as for the production of mowers-conditioners for the power equipment" Don-800 "with a capacity of 5 thousand units per year.

  The press-stocking workshop was commissioned with a capacity of processing 10 thousand tons of stampings per year, which ensures own needs in stamped blanks and allows to reduce transport costs.

  In 1995, the production of a fundamentally new product for the enterprise - safety friction clutches was designed and mastered.

  From 2000 to 2002, leading specialists developed, together with the GSKB and Rostselmash OJSC, the designs of agricultural machinery for farms — mounted reapers of the type ZhN-5, ZhU-6, ZhU-7.

  In 2001, a hot forging press with a capacity of 1600 tons and 1000 tons was put into operation, for the production of blanks for crosses and forks.

  In 2005, the laser cutting section of the metal, equipped with the TRUMPF laser facilities and a bending complex, was put into operation.

  In June 2010, a TEDOM power plant with a capacity of 1 MW was commissioned.

  In 2017, the production of ZHVN-6 reapers for mowing grain, cereal and cereal crops was mastered using a separate method of harvesting with laying of the mowed mass into a single roll.

  In 2018, mastered the production of reapers for harvesting maize and other coarse crops for silage.

  The designs of cardan gears, developed by the plant's design bureau, are certified by the Gosstandart of Russia and are recognized at the European standards level by the best firms WALTERSCHEID (Germany) and BONDIOLI & PAVESI (Italy). The branch design bureau has a testing center for cardan gears accredited to carry out certification tests of cardan gears for agricultural machinery. We produce only high-quality spare parts for agricultural machinery, grain harvesters, cardan shafts for agricultural machinery and special machinery.

  Production capacity

  Shop for machining, shop for laser bending, cutting and cutting of metal, shop for hot stamping of parts, shop for the production of cardan shafts, workshop for assembly of harvesters, warehouse of the enterprise, item OTC.


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