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  Product catalog - Crosses 
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Spare parts for agricultural machinery
  Crosses - an integral part of the universal joint. Timely replacement of the cross makes it possible to increase the service life of the propeller shaft of agricultural machines. More detailed information is in GOST 13758-89.

  Crosses imported:

Name The size
W2100 22х55
W2200 24х61
W2300 27х74.6
W2400 32х76
W2500 36х89
W2280 21х61х22х76
W2380 27х75х24х91
W2480 32х76х27х94
W2580 36х89х32х106
T-10 22х54
T-20 23.8х61.3
T-40 27х74.6
T-50 (5.01) 30.2х80
T-60 30.2х92
T-80 34.9х106.5
T-70 (7.01)30.2х106.5
  Crosses of own production:

Name The size
К005-001 14х44,6
К016-001 28х73
К025-01 (reinforced) 28х73
К040-01 35х98
К063-01 39х118
К100-01 50х135
К110 (KAMAZ euro)50х135
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