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  Products catalog - shear bolt coupling 
Cardan Shafts
Cardan joint
Clutch with shear bolt
Overrunning clutch
Friction clutch
Sheet metal cutting
Grain headers
RSM-100.70 Herb Harvester
RSM-1401.70 Herbal cutter
ZHU-6 grain harvester
HA-7 grain header
Harvester ZhVN-6.0
ZK 3.4-Corn Headers
Spare parts for agricultural machinery
  The shear-bolt coupling is designed to completely interrupt the supply of torque from the PTO of a power plant through the destruction of the bolt. When working torque is transmitted through the bolt connecting the fork and the hub. When the bolt is destroyed, the fork and the hub rotate independently of each other. Requires replacement of the cut bolt. It is used in machines for the application of liquid fertilizers, balers, feeders.

DesignationExecutionTransmitted torqueMoment of operationCross
Plug + clutch
Sb - A400
8 x 32 x 38400 Нм1800 Нм35 x 98
Plug + clutch
Sb - K400
6 x 29 x 35
400 Нм1800 Нм35 x 98
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