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Cardan Shafts
Cardan joint
Clutch with shear bolt
Overrunning clutch
Friction clutch
Sheet metal cutting
KN-5 mounted mower
KPN-5 mower-conditioner
Grain headers
RSM-100.70 Herb Harvester
RSM-1401.70 Herbal cutter
ZHU-6 grain harvester
HA-7 grain header
Harvester ZhVN-6 and ZhVP-4.9
ZK 3.4-Corn Headers
Spare parts for agricultural machinery
  Used to transmit torque up to 1000 Nm from the power shaft.

Designation Sleeve Shaft
05.016.3800 32х38 Z=8 slots 29х35 Z=6 teeth, 1.3/8
05.016.3800-01 32х38 Z=8 slots 32х35 Z=21 tooth
05.016.3800-02 29х35 Z=6 slots 32х38 Z=8 teeth
05.016.3800-03 29х35 Z=6 slots 32х35 Z=21 tooth
05.016.3800-04 32х35 Z=21 slot 29х35 Z=6 teeth
05.016.3800-05 32х35 Z=21 slot 32х38 Z=8 teeth
05.100.3800 37,5х44,5 Z=6 slots 32х38 Z=8 teeth
05.100.3800-01 40х45 Z=20 slots 32х38 Z=8 teeth
05.100.3800-02 37,5х44,5 Z=6 slots 29х35 Z=6 teeth
05.100.3800-03 40х45 Z=20 slots 29х35 Z=6 teeth
05.100.3800-04 37,5х44,5 Z=6 slots 32х35 Z=21 tooth
05.100.3800-05 40х45 Z=20 slots 32х35 Z=21 tooth
05.016.4800 32х38 Z=8 slots 29х35 Z=6 slots
05.016.4800-01 32х38 Z=6 slots 29х35 Z=6 slots
06.100.3800 46х54 Z=8 slots 32х38 Z=8 teeth
Z8-Z6 (05.016.3800)
reinforced до 3000 Нм
Z=8 slots Z=6 teeth
Z6-Z8 (05.016.3800-02)
reinforced до 3000 Нм
Z=6 slots Z=8 teeth
120B134 (Z20-Z6) 40х45 Z=20 slots 37.5х44.5 Z=6 teeth, 1.3/4
134B120 (Z6-Z20) 37.5х44.5 Z=6 slots 40х45 Z=20 teeth
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